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Earlier this week we had the chance to attend FutureShock 69 at the Masonic Guild Hall in Stockport to see the awesome show they put on, but we also had the opportunity to interview some of the stars of the show including Alex Cyanide, Jay Lethal, Zack “Diamond” Gibson and Dave Rayne.

Alex discusses his start in wrestling, doing a moonsault (he’s a big man!), wanting to travel to Japan to gain more experience, whether he prefers being a face or a heel and responsibility of holding a championship title!

Jay Lethal discusses his “Lethal Injection” tour, prospects for UK wrestling from the seminars he’s held, he also discusses the fallout between TNA and Gabe Sopolsky and ROH, he discusses the Black Machismo gimmick and his thoughts on Randy Savage. Jay also talks to us about his favourite match of all time.

Zack talks about his match with Jay, training future stars at the FutureShock training academy, the biggest moment of his career so far, wrestling against Nigel McGuinness, his aspirations to wrestle in the US and what’s in his future.

Dave Rayne discusses the UK scene as a whole, the history of FutureShock Wrestling and using a baby as a shield! Dave also talks about the great new talent coming up, his thoughts on being an old-school heel as well as the loyalty and understanding between fellow UK promoters and whether or not the UK is ready for a wrestling boom by getting on TV.

All this and more in our biggest and most packed show to date!

Don’t miss out!

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